Root Aphid Control

Be on the lookout for a chalky white colored dew on top of and throughout the soil media.

Root aphids are commonly found feeding on the roots of plants. There color is usually white or brown. Adults are winged and are often mistaken for fungas gnats.

Like other aphids, the root aphid feeds on a plant’s circulatory system.

Damage from root aphids typically results in droopy, wilted, curled, and yellow leaves, the plant may look like it is nutrient deficient. Fruits and blossoms on root aphid infested plants will be small and undesirable.

Root aphids will likely leave plants susceptible to other growth issues like root rot, mildew, and diseases!!

What works best for Root Aphid control?...

Preventative.. Preventative... Preventative....

Root aphids are very difficult to get rid of once they are established.

Preventative releases are crucial. Regular releases of Nematodes Steinernema feltiae, Dalotia coriari (Rove beetle) and Hypoaspis miles (Stratiolaelaps scrimitis) is recommended for Root Aphid Control.

Beneficial Nematodes Steinernema feltiae SF: Fungus gnat larvae, Root Aphids, Leaf Miners, Shore Flies, and Thrips.

Dalotia coriaria: Fungus Gnats, Shore Fly, Thrips, Springtails, and Root Aphids.

Hypoaspis miles / Stratiolaelaps scimitus: Fungus Gnat Larvae, Thrips, Sciarid Flies, Shore Flies, Root Aphids, Springtails, Root Mealybugs and Poultry Mites.

BotaniGard 22WP, Beauveria bassiana strain is a bacterial spore which is used to control Root Aphids. BotaniGard 22WP is a Wettable Powder insecticide which is used to control a wide variety of soft bodied insects. Including; Whiteflies, thrips, aphids, mealybugs, beetles and weevils. BotaniGard 22WP has the highest spore count of any Beauveria bassiana insecticidal product.

Azadirachtin and Neem Oil products have been found help control Root Aphids as well. Both come from the seeds of Neem Trees. Azadirachtin works by stopping the pest from feeding, disrupting normal growth and reproduction. Azadirachtin can be used at the same time as BotaniGard 22WP and Steinernema feltiae SF Nematodes.