Whitefly Control

Whitefly Control

A chronic problem in greenhouses, whiteflies can also become serious pests during the sultry days of late summer. These sucking insects often appear suddenly, and quickly weaken plants with their constant feeding. Feeding is concentrated on leaf undersides, where whiteflies remove so much plant sap that the plants are seriously weakened. 

Think Preventative 

Management of heavy whitefly infestations is difficult. The best strategy is to prevent problems from developing in your garden or landscape. Avoid or remove plants that repeatedly host high populations of whiteflies.


So what works best for Whitefly control?...

Delphastus Catalinae: Greenhouse Whitefly, Banded-Winged Whitefly, Sweet Potato Whitefly, Silverleaf Whitefly, Woolly Whitefly, Azalea and Hibiscus Whitefly.

Encarsia Formosa: Greenhouse Whitefly, Silverleaf Whitefly,
Sweet Potato Whitefly, etc.

Eretmocerus Eremicus:
Greenhouse Whitefly,Sweet Potato Whitefly, Silverleaf Whitefly, Poinsettia Whitefly, Woolly Whitefly, and Citrus Whitefly.

Yellow Sticky Traps