Eretmocerus eremicus


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Eretmocerus eremicus

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ERET-5K - 5,000 Insects on Hanging Cards

Release Rates: For light/moderate infestation, release 1-2 per sq.ft., as needed.

Many Species of Aphids. Greenhouse whitefly ; Sweet potato whitefly ; Silverleaf whitefly ; Poinsettia whitefly; woolly whitefly; Citrus whitefly; bayberry whitefly.

Eretmocerus is a tiny 1/50th inch, goldish colored, native, flying wasp that does not bite or sting. Works well in hot dry climates. Eretmocerus lay their eggs under the nymphs of whiteflies. The larvae hatch out and eat the whitefly.  Eretmocerus females also eat immature whitefly as a food source. Each female can make 50 - 150 wasps.

Eretmocerus develops from egg to adult in about 3 weeks. Adults live for about 2 weeks.

Strategic Considerations:
Eretmocerus are less sensitive to pesticides than Encarsia formosa. However, many pesticides will have a negative effect on Eretmocerus. Encarsia formosa and Eretmocerus can be used together. Avoid the use of systemic insecticides or pesticides with long residual action.