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Easy release powder is quick dissolving and the formulation used by professionals. Beneficial nematodes are people, pet, and planet safe!

200+ soil-dwelling pests. See pest chart in photos.


Scientific Name: Steinernema feltiae
Nematodes are microscopic worms that inhabit the soil parasitizing immature stages of pest insects, including various species of larvae, grubs, nymphs, and pupae. Maintaining adequate moisture levels is crucial for the success of nematodes, as they depend on a film of water to move and locate hosts in the soil. Dry conditions can limit mobility and reduce effectiveness in parasitizing pests. Conversely, excessive water can lead to unfavorable conditions, such as waterlogged soil that may drown the nematodes or water runoff that could wash them away.

The lifecycle begins with mated females producing eggs that develop into pre-infective juveniles. These young juveniles are in a non-feeding stage, progressing through several molts until they develop into infective juveniles eager to feed. Infective juveniles actively seek and enter hosts through natural openings, releasing symbiotic bacteria toxic to the pest. The insect host dies within 2-5 days, and the juveniles feed on the tissues, often completing several generations inside the host. After the host has been consumed and depleted, the nematodes enter the soil in search of new hosts. Mature nematodes will mate, and females will produce eggs, repeating the cycle for as long as conditions are favorable.

Soil above 46°F

Preventative/Light: 5 million per 300 sq. ft.

Moderate/Heavy: 5 million per 50 sq. ft.

It's important to note that these release rates serve as general guidelines and may vary based on the specific pest species, the crop or plant being treated, and level of infestation. Proper monitoring of the infestation and the subsequent effectiveness of the released beneficial insect population is crucial for determining the success of the biological control strategy.

Store up to 30 days in the refrigerator.

Once activated, Nematodes can be used up to 6 hours after activation.

Keep out of light. Nematodes are susceptible to UV light.

Proper identification of the pest species is important. Monitoring the crop closely and introducing beneficial insects early will help in control pest populations.

Pesticides, even wetting agents, and spreader-stickers may adversely affect beneficial insects' survival. Broad spectrum and systemic insecticides are toxic.

For optimal results, the ground surface should be moist. Water before application and keep the soil moist for two weeks after application.

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