Worm Castings

Case Count



These Worm Castings have been cleaned and screened. 
Each sack has over 1 cubic yard of castings.

Natural Fertilizer that won't burn your plants.
Worm Casting Release: • Non-toxic, completely safe, 100% organic odorless excrement of the earthworm. Will not burn when applied directly to plants. Can be used indoors as well as outdoors. • Enriches and conditions and helps plants thrive. Also provides perfect PH levels - average PH of 6.5 to 6.8. Consists of thousands of torpedo like pellets that resist compaction, keep the soil loose, and hold moisture in the root zone while allowing extra moisture to drain away. • Worm castings are water-soluble which makes the nutrients available immediately for plant consumption. • Soak 1 part casting in 3 part water for 24 hours or more mixing several times. (Use with 1lb. Box only).

For House Plants and Seed Starts: Mix 10-15% castings with potting soil. Castings may also be worked into the top layer of potted plants, taking care not to damage roots.

For Garden Starts: Line seed furrows with a thin layer of worm castings, or place a few tablespoons beneath each transplant.

For Garden Soil Enhancement: Gently work the castings into the topsoil or sprinkle castings over soil and cover with mulch and then water.