This April 1912 edition of Technical World Magazine features an article called "Battle of the Bugs" by John L. Cowan, on ladybug collecting in California. Flip through the magazine and check it out!

Ladybug collecting and the use of beneficial insects in California has a long and fascinating history. The use of beneficial insects as a form of pest control dates back to the late 1800s, when citrus farmers in California were struggling to control cottony cushion scale that were devastating their crops.

The success of using ladybugs to combat the scale led to the establishment of the California State Insectary in 1901, which was tasked with breeding and distributing beneficial insects to farmers throughout the state. The Insectary became a crucial resource for farmers, and its work helped to establish California as a world leader in biological pest control.

During World War II, the demand for food increased dramatically, and farmers began using pesticides to boost crop yields. However, the widespread use of pesticides led to unintended consequences, including the death of beneficial insects like ladybugs. In the 1960s and 1970s, concerns about the environmental impact of pesticides led to a renewed interest in biological pest control, and ladybugs once again became a crucial tool for farmers.

Tip Top Bio Control is a family owned business that got its start in Ventura County, CA in 1986 and is a permitted collector of ladybugs. Our mission is to promote sustainable and safe pest control solutions that support healthy ecosystems and communities. We provide a range of beneficial insects to help gardeners and farmers control pests without relying on harmful chemicals. We supply many distributors, retail garden shops, large organic growers, garden enthusiasts, and more. We prioritize educating our customers on the benefits of natural pest control and the importance of responsible gardening and farming. We are committed to promoting ecological integrity and supporting a healthier planet for generations to come.

Today, ladybugs and other beneficial insects continue to play an important role in California agriculture and beyond. Though ladybug collecting is no longer as popular as it once was, the distinctive insects remain a beloved part of California's natural heritage and the Tip Top Bio family’s heritage as well.

Tip Top Bio family dog, Sadie, loves to help with ladybug collecting!

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