Lindorus lophanthae


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Lindorus lophante

Item Numbers

- 50 Adult Beetles per Bottle
LINDORUS-100 - 100 Adult Beetles per Bottle

Target Pest:
Aphids, small caterpillars, whitefly, mites, scale, thrips, psyllids, mealybugs and other soft bodied insects and their eggs.

Lindoris are tiny black coccinelid beetles that devour many types of scale. They are valuable for being able to chew through hard scale as well as eat eggs and immatures of hard and soft scale. They are used in orchards, greenhouses and interiors. With ample food, light, moisture Rhyzobius beetles will begin reproducing immediately and the next generations will take care of many scale problems.

Product information:
Rhyzobius are shipped as adults and should be released as soon as possible. They are hardy in surviving shipping except in freezing temperatures. One good colonization will do. Releases outdoors are best made late evening.

The life cycle is from 35 to 60 days depending on temperature. Optimum temperature for survival and reproduction is 75° F to 80° F. The beetles do not diapause in cold temperatures or low light intensities. Adult activity has been observed at temperatures as low as 40° F.

Strategic Considerations:
Winter is an excellent time to release because ant activity is reduced due to low nest temperature and interference to biological control organisms by ants is at a low point. Red scale infestations on abandoned citrus is dramatically reduced by ladybug feeding throughout the winter.

Such releases are cost effective because they insure the presence of these important biological control organisms.