Dalotia coriara - Rove Beetle - Atheta coriara

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Item# ROVE-100

Dalotia (Atheta) coriaria

Release Rates
Soil culture, sawdust bag or rockwool culture: Apply 1-2 per sq. ft.

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Item Numbers
ROVE-100 - 100 Count Bottle
ROVE-500 - 500 Count Bottle
ROVE-1K - 1,000 Count Bottle

Target Pests:
Shore flies, Fungus gnats, Western flower thrips, Springtails, Moth Fly Larvae and Root Aphids.

Atheta coriaria are tiny, elongated, brown beetles with short wings. Rove beetles have an interesting habit of curving upwards like scorpions. These awesome insects have a veracious appetite and can be seen running and flying to attack pests. Rove beetle are great at rapidly colonizing the area they are released.
Rove Beetle is a native beetle which feeds on small soft insects. Including; shore flies, fungus gnats, moth flies, springtails, root mealybug, aphids, spider mites.

Rove beetle can be used alongside with Hypoaspis miles and Beneficial Nematodes for a more complete control of fungas gnat, root aphid, thrips and other soft pests.

Product information:
Rove Beetle is packed in peat/vermiculite media in bottles of 500 adults. Upon receipt adults should be seen crawling and flying around the container. If necessary, containers can be stored for 50°F for up to a week.

Life Cycle:
The complete life cycle takes approximately 20-30 days at 70°F . Eggs hatch in 3-4 days into larva stages. Each larva Rove Beetle can consume 10-20 pests per day. The larva looks similar to the adult. Adult beetle live for up to 21 days and do not go into diapause (hybernation) in controlled environments. IE: greenhouses and indoor grows.

Strategic Considerations:
It is likely that foliar sprays are less harmful than soil drenches.