Nolo Bait


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Target Pests:

Grasshoppers, Mormon crickets.

Nolo Bait™ is an EPA registered biological control for grasshoppers, including Mormon crickets. Nolo Bait™ contains naturally occurring Nosema locustae spores. These spores are uniformly applied to flaky wheat bran at a rate of at least 1 billion spores per pound of bran. The bran is consumed by the grasshoppers and they become infected with the spores. Young grasshoppers that consume the bait will die more quickly than older stages. As Nosema locustae builds up in the gut of heavily infected grasshoppers, the insects become lethargic and reduce their feeding. Infected grasshoppers are seen by healthy grasshoppers as additional food sources and are cannibalized. This natural behavior further spreads Nosema locustae throughout the grasshopper population. Additionally, infected females can pass the spores through the egg-laying process. The progression and persistence of this organism provides long-term benefit to the landowner without environmental damage. It is non-toxic to humans, livestock, wild animals, birds, fish, or other life forms not closely related to grasshoppers.

Product Information:

Nosema locustae are single-celled animals, commonly known as protozoans. Once ingested by a grasshopper, the spores germinate from the cell wall into the grasshopper’s mid gut. The spores then continue to reproduce, attacking the fat body in the grasshopper. It is this action that causes infected grasshoppers to become lethargic, thus reducing feeding and reproductive capability.

Release Rates:

1 lb. per acre: inoculative application.
Grasshoppers are extremely migratory and can move over great distances to get to your plants. It is optimal, therefore, to inoculate your area and surrounding borders frequently throughout the season to infect those migrants as they arrive. This will help spread the infection further and aid in long term control.
The USDA has set a known standard that 8 or more grasshoppers per square yard can be considered economically damaging. To the casual observer, grasshoppers may not seem to be a noticeable problem until infestations reach 40 or more per sq. yd. That’s when they become alarmingly apparent and by this time you want a “belly-up overnight” control. This instant type of knockdown is extremely hard to achieve using bio-pesticides. It is very important to understand that Nolo Bait does not kill overnight. It is a subtle disease that is naturally occurring and takes significant long-term suppression once the disease is established in the grasshopper populations.

Strategic Considerations:

Nolo Bait is best used within 13 weeks of the formulation date. Optimal storage stated on the label is 42°F. The most critical factor is moisture. Please store in a dry area. If the bait becomes moist it may mold and become unattractive to the grasshoppers.