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Tip Top Bio-Control

Renowned as industry leaders in wholesale Beneficial Insect solutions,
we specialize in offering natural alternatives to chemical pest control. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver superior products and services. Come join our business family!

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Tip Top Bio-Control caters to the needs of both the large and small dealers, quickly fulfilling all product requests. Our brand represents the best in quality and distinctive packaging. Our "endless supply of ladybugs" reputation as the industry leader and our "one stop" shop source for all of your Beneficial Insect control needs has been the source of our fame and success in the market. We have been a family owned and operated since 1986. Come join our business family!

Introducing Tip Top Bug Coolers!

  • POP Display
  • Fully Wrapped
  • Three Sizes Available (Countertop, 5ft, and 6ft)
  • LED Lighting

Tip Top Bio-Control has been a family owned Wholesale Insectary since 1986. Visit your local Tip Top Bio-Contol dealer to purchase the freshest Beneficial insects available on the market.