Special Blend Predatory Mite Mix - Triple Blend Spider Mite Control

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Target Pests:
Two Spotted Spider Mites, Broad Mites, Rust Mites, Russet Hemp Mites, Cyclamen Mites and Southern Red Mites and other species of mites.

Description: These predatory mites are the Natural and Organic way to Control Spider mites. Special Blend predatory mites and Spider mites are natural enemies.
Special Blend Mite Predator, normally consisting of an assortment of the following predatory mites; A.cucumeris, N. californicus, P. persimilis. and A. swirskii. Special Blend is best used in unknown environments/growing conditions. Our Special Blend takes the guess work out of which mite should be used in your Garden, Green House, or Grow Room. It has been proven to be very effective. You will see a mixture of bright reddish orange, colored mites with obvious long legs.

These mites can tolerate temperatures up to 110°F., but do best in temperatures between 60°F-85°F. They do well in humidities ranging from 40%-90%. To raise the humidity level, you can lightly mist the plants or surrounding walkways.

Release Rates:
Light infestation: 2-4 per sq. ft. Heavy infestation: 5-10 per sq. ft. Release biweekly, as needed.

These mites go through five life cycles: Egg, Larvae, Protonymph, Deutonymph, and Adult. This process can take 5- 25 days, depending on the climate. The warmer the temperature, the shorter it takes for the life cycle to be completed. Females dominate this species of insect with a ratio of 4:1. Females lay 2-3 eggs per day for an average of 60 eggs over their 35-day lifetime.
Strategic Considerations:
Predatory mites are Susceptible to pesticides. Avoid spraying plants one week before or after releasing predators. Some materials may be toxic to predators for up to four weeks. Mites are highly perishable; they should be released immediately upon delivery.

Item Numbers:

SPECIALBLEND-500 - 500 Blended Mites per Vial
SPECIALBLEND-1K - 1,00 Blended Mites per Vial
SPECIALBLEND-2K - 2,00 Blended Mites per Vial
SPECIALBLEND-10K - 10,000 Blended Mites per bottle
SPECIALBLEND-25K - 25,00 Blended Mites per bottle