Phytoseiulus persimilis-Two Spotted Spider Mite Specialist!


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Item# PHYTO-500

These are live insects and MUST be shipped OVERNIGHT. No USPS or ground shipping. 

Target Pests: 
Two-Spotted Spider Mite (Tetranychus urticae).

Two-Spotted Spider Mite Specialist. Eats all stages of Two-Spotted  Spider Mites. Eggs and Adults.



The lifespan of Persimilis is about a week in their immature stages, then around a month as adults.
“Persimilis” is a predatory mite that was one of the first biological insects available commercially for Two-Spotted Spider Mites. Adults are tiny (.3 mm long), fast moving, red, pear shaped mites with with noticeably long legs. Immature stages are a pale salmon color. Eggs are oval and 0.3mm long. Phytoseiulus persimilis feed on all stages of Two Spotted Spider Mites. Unlike its natural enemy, the Two-Spotted Spider Mites, Persimilis does not spin webbing.

If you are not sure if your infestation is Two-Spotted Spider Mites or you may be battling several different species of spider mites. Such as; Broad Mites, Rust Mites, Russet Hemp Mites, Cyclamen Mites and Southern Red Mites or other species of mites. Release Persimilis along with other Generalist Predatory Mites. Such as: Amblyseius cucumeris, Special Blend Predatory Mites, Amblyseius andersoni, Neoseiulus fallacis, Amblyseius swirskii, and stethorus punctillum. All these predators are natural enemies to Spider mites.

Product Information: 
Persimilis is packed in vermiculite or on bean leaves. Release P.persimilis at first sign of spider mite infestation.

Temperature range 43-90°F. It is best to apply Persimilis the same day as received. If storage is necessary, keep Persimilis at 50-59°F degrees.

Upon Receipt of this product persimilis should be visible on the underside of the lid. Allow Persimilis 15-30 minutes to warm to room temperature before looking under the lid.

Release Rates: 
2-4 Mites per sq. ft. or 20 Mites per infested leaf, biweekly, 3-4 times. 

A complete life cycle can take as little as 5 days depending on the temperature. Similar to the Two-Spotted Spider Mite, the warmer the temperature the faster they reproduce. Females out number the males 4:1. Females lay up to 3 eggs per in their 35-day lifetime. The eggs take a few days to hatch and are oval and 2x the size of two-spotted mite eggs. Each Persimilis eats 5-30 Spider Mite adults or eggs per day. Because Persimilis do not diapause (go into hibernation) they can be used year-round in greenhouses and climates that remain warm during all year.

Strategic Considerations: 
Persimilis needs relative humidities greater than 60%. In low humidity conditions, raise the humidity by lightly misting plants or wetting walkways.

Item Numbers:
PHYTO-500 - 
500 Mites per Vial
PHYTO-1K - 1,000 Mites per Vial
PHYTO-2K - 2,000 Mites per Vial
PHYTO-4K - 4,000 Mites per bottle
PHYTO-10K - 10,000 Mites per bottle
PHYTO-25K - 25,000 Mites per bottle