Orius insidiosus - Minute Pirate Bug - attacks Adult Thrips

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Target Pests:

Best known for their ability to attack and control adult Thrips as well as immature Thrips.

General predator. Orius feeds on several species of pests; Thrips, Aphids, Whiteflies, Mites and Moth eggs.

Orius insidiosus - Minute Pirate Bug - attacks Adult Thrips, are general predators, feeding on many pest species. Primarily used to control all stages of Thrips. Adults kill as many as 80 pests per day. Without pests to eat, Orius will feed on pollen.  Multiple releases are recommended because it takes 4-6 weeks to establish a colony. Adults are tiny flying insects (3mm). Females can lay up to 3 eggs per day. Nymphs go through 5 instars before adult. All stages are predatory. Orius may enter into diapause (hibernation) when day light is less than 12 hours. In most cases Artificial Grow lights will keep the Orius from going into hybernation during the winter months. florescent lights will work as well. 

For complete Organic and Natural Thrip Control release Orius alongside of A.cucumeris, Hypoaspis and Beneficial Nematode SF.

Release Rates:  General release is 1 per 10 sq. ft. or 2,000-4,000 per acre.

Item Numbers: 
ORIUS-500 - 500 Nymphs per Bottle
ORIUS-1K - 1,000 Nymphs per Bottle