About Us

Our claim to fame over the years has been our everlasting supply of Ladybugs. We are a permitted collector of Hippodamia convergens (Ladybugs). We supply many distributors, retail garden shops, large organic growers, garden enthusiasts, city municipalities, museums, interior-scape companies, catalog sale companies and everything in between with most of their beneficial insect needs.


TipTopBio-Control, Since 1986!


Tip Top Bio-Control is a family owned business with our headquarters located in Ventura County, California. Tip Top has been in business since 1986, providing customers with many different varieties of insects. Our facility in Ventura County is operated on a 125-acre produce farm. Our main indoor building is 10,000 square feet with 2 environmentally controlled cells. We have numerous other buildings where we rear various species of insects. We supply a wide variety of organic fertilizers. We produce many different varieties of insects and what we do not produce we either distribute for, or CO-OP with other insectaries.