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NBEN1 - 5 Million H.b Nematodes in Retail Package


  • Qualifying Item/ QTY:
    • 5 million HB Nematodes
    • 50 million HB Nematodes  
  • Case Count: 6 unit case count
  • Free shipping eligibility when ordering 2+ cases

How Nematodes Work:
Nematodes actively hunt for insect larvae, entering through natural body openings. Once inside the larvae, the nematode excretes bacteria from its digestive tract before it starts to feed and multiply. Within a few days the pest will change color and die. The nematodes multiply and develop within the dieing insect, before leaving the old host to hunt for more pests. As the number of pests decrease, so will the nematode population. For this reason seasonal releases are recommended.

• Storage temperature 36-42˚F. 
• Store unactivated nematodes for a maximum of 30 days.
• Once activated nematodes must be released within 6 hours.
• Store nematodes in the dark.

Environmental Conditions:
• Nematodes are susceptible to ultraviolet light (UV).
• Nematodes are susceptible to various chemical pesticides. Use caution when
    treating other diseases and pest.
• For optimal results, the ground surface should be moist. Water before application
    and keep the soil moist for two weeks after application.

Release Rates:
Each package contains 5 million Beneficial Nematodes, enough for the preventative control of soil dwelling and wood boring insects in approximately 2,000 sq. ft. of surface area.
For best results and/or for high infestations, multiple releases are recommended.

• Leaf application should be sprayed preferably in the evening for minimum influence
    from UV light and maximum moisture availability for the nematodes.

 *Note - these rates are for preventative application only.

Beneficial Nematode Pest Guide

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