Improved Plant and Soil Health
Including worm castings as part of your plant care regimen is a great way to enhance the health and well being of your plant and soil in an Eco-friendly way. This natural soil amendment adds positive microorganisms, nutrients and enzymes to your soil. These items help boost your plant’s immune system, aide in plant growth/germination and also improve root growth and structure. Because your plant will be healthier, you are also likely to have higher crop yield.

Due to the healthy environment you have now created, you will also help to attract earthworms already present in the soil which will help aerate your soil and get more oxygen to your plant. Castings along with aerate soil, improve your soil’s water holding capacity.

Natural Pest Management
Castings and worm tea both have properties that help repel harmful insects such as white fly, aphids and spider mites. When these properties work into your plant’s system, the plant itself can repel these pests. The best part is, you’re helping your plants without adding anything harmful to them or their soil.


Worms are probably one of nature’s best recyclers. Not only can they can munch through half their weight in a single day, but they are also able to consume a broad spectrum of items humans would typically classify as trash. By utilizing worms as a means of eliminating waste, we can significantly reduce the amount of refuse going to our landfills. So not only does worm farming help improve the quality of your garden, it also improves the quality of the Earth.