Small Garden Pack - Mail Back


Case Count



5,000 A. cucumeris, 5 million H. bacteriophora Nematodes,
1,500 Ladybugs, 1 Praying Mantis Egg Case (Available November - June.
Extra Ladybug will be supplied during off season).

This Small Garden Pack will supply you with all you will need to combat general garden pest infestations of moderate levels in a small area. This pack will treat approx. 2,000 sq. ft. area. The actual square footage may vary up or down depending on the number of plants, environmental conditions, geographical location and pest infestation. A. cucumeris feed on immature stages of Thrips and different species of mites. H. bacteriophora, a predator Nematode, attack and kill almost any insects that live in the soil, even ones as large as Grubs. Ladybugs feed on a variety of slow-moving insects especially, Aphids, Scales and Mealybugs. Praying Mantis are territorial stalkers of insects. They will eat anything they can catch.